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Dear Global Women, I am so excited to share this 5 days FREE training challenge with you. For a limited time we are opening the doors for you to access 5 sessions on public speaking that I run together with Sami Zaiden, the Aljazeera journalist.

The value of this training is £497 that you can get for FREE for Limited Time Only.

This is an invitation for you to start thinking for the bigger future of a new vision where women can speak their mind, make their money, travel the world and create a positive impact in society.
This training is for:
  • Women who feel lost in their path and want to create a new direction in their career
  • Women who want to help other women to find their path
  •  Women who want to move to the next level
  •  Women who want to earn their own money and be independent 
  •  Women who want to inspire others and create a positive impact in the world 
  •  Women who want to invest for their bigger future 
Go Global
The world is ready to accept women as independent and we need to be ready to show that we can. It is ok for women to earn the same as men, and it is ok if sometimes women can be more successful. It is ok that women and men collaborate together for gender equality.

We help women to find their light, get out of their comfort zone, tap into their potential, discover their gifts and share them with the world, to gain their financial freedom, inspire others and bring positive impact in the society.

Thousands of women have joined the Global Woman Club in the last three years and many other thousands have followed us online asking if there is another way they can reach us. The good news is yes, now we are ready to reach millions and help women around the world reach their full potential and inspire millions of people around the world.

I started this journey of building my legacy only 3 years ago and today I live my dream, following my passion for traveling and helping women find their call, be inspired and motivate others to do the same.
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